Functional Training Classes The Functional Training Classes meet in a group of 5-15 people depending on the
day and time of the class. The class begins with a warm up then the instructor will demonstrate the movements of the workout to ensure proper form. The Functional Training Class environment promotes freindly competition. These classes are designed for intermediate and advanced athletes. Personal Training
-One on One Training
-Expert Training in Weight Loss, Muscle Gain and Endurance
-Specific Routines Designed to Your Fitness Level Fitness Coaching
-Empower You with Knowledge and Motivation to Accomplish Your Goals
-Focus on Tangible Short Term and Long Term Goals
-Guidance That Transforms Individuals Positively and Effectively Sport Specific Training
-Training Tailored to Various Sports for Men and Women
-Help You Improve Your Speed, Power, Endurance and Agility
-Help You Develop and Build on a Solid Foundation to be Successful