KD’s Online Coaching KD’s Online Coaching is a program that strives to help you achieve your fitness goals no matter how busy you are or how unpredictable
your schedule is. Hiring a personal trainer can be expensive and inconvenient. You're locked in to your trainer’s schedule or your gym’s hours. With KD’s
Online Coaching, however, you will have 24/7 access to workouts that can be performed at home, in a hotel gym, or even outside. You can
train whenever; wherever! Have you ever walked into a gym and attempted to workout, only to leave 3 hours later barely breaking a sweat? Maybe the monotony of
doing the same thing over and over gets to you? Or you need some encouragement to nail down your goals? That’s where program design comes in. With KD’s Online Coaching, workouts designed FOR YOU will push you to accomplish those goals. “I’m offering my clients and athletes the opportunity to meet in person or connect via phone/email to talk about their short term and long
term goals. I will then create a program specifically to meet those goals and check in with them for ACCOUNTABILITY.” KD Online Program - 6 week program - Personalized program to meet your goals; whether you are a competitive athlete, looking to gain muscle, or just looking to improve your overall health and body composition - Access to me as a coach - Check-in and program sent via email every 2 weeks Nutrition plans are available upon request.
Please contact kdesignonline00@gmail.com for more information.